Windsurfer One Designs are sailed at;


Dobroyd Aquatic Club

Iron Cove in the inner western suburbs is the home of Sydney's strongest windsurfer racing fleet. The fleet races out of Dobroyd Aquatic Club, a strong board and dinghy club.  The flat land surrounding the bay means that the wind is often better than any other spot in the district, especially in a nor'easter.  Because Iron Cove is a dead end, there is very little traffic apart from the DAC fleet.

Join the cafe society for twilight racing each Wednesday during daylight saving. There's handicap start racing that caters for all standards from beginners to national champions, followed by pizza and lies sessions at the restaurant just up the road.  The fleet has about 15 active One Design sailors and a similar number of Raceboards.

Dobroyd is also home to the once-monthly short-course winter series.  The mixture of light and fluky warm days and howling westerlies makes for fascinating racing, followed by relaxation in the new licensed clubhouse.  Some One Designs also occasionally race with the Raceboards from 2pm on Saturday in the summer.  For more information, contact Chris Thompson on 0405 160 125 or via windsurferod@windsurfing.org

Narrabeen Lake - Narrabeen Lakes Sailing Club

The Narrabeen fleet has been growing quietly but steadily for several years and now features a good range of abilities including some excellent light-weather sailors.  The fleet sails on Narrabeen Lake, an ideal spot for learning and tactical racing, surrounded by timbered hills that make for beautiful scenery and challenging windshifts.  The Narrabeen fleet races during the summer and varies between Saturdays and Sundays.  For more information contact Roger Crawford on 0429 910 081 or via roger.crawford@exemail.com.au

Middle Harbour/Manly

A very strong fleet sails out of the Middle Harbour and Manly areas, although organised activity can be sporadic.  Sailors include many of the very best kids from the area's red-hot junior dinghy fleets as well as several veteran Olympics.  The One Design's ability to cope with all conditions makes it an ideal craft for the huge variety of winds and water experienced at Middle Harbour.  The legendary Jessica Crisp, Olympians and World Cup pro champ, runs training courses.  Call Chris Thompson (above) for contact details.


Newcastle/Lake Macquarie

The Lake Mac sailors come out in strength for championships.  There's a big range of sailors, from world championship runner-up Michael Lancey to sub-juniors.  All this area needs to really ignite regular racing is a fleet captain - could anyone who is interested please call Chris Thompson (details above).

South Coast

The newest One Design fleet sails in the area around Narooma.  There's only half a dozen in the fleet at the moment but with promotion by legendary longboard enthusiast Stuey Long, the numbers are sure to increase. Call Chris Thompson (above) for contact details.



One of the most active fleets in the country, the Parkdale YC fleet sails on the beautiful open waters of Port Phillip Bay.  Regular racing takes place each weekend.  For more information, see the contacts page at http://www.parkdaleyc.com/


The Tasmanian fleet is slowly regrouping and comes together for regattas like the famous Swansea championships.


Queensland's fleet is scattered, with a small group of outstanding sailors (like perennial men's champ Dennis Winstanley) in the Whitsundays and other sailors coming out of SE Queensland for championships.  We'd love to hear from someone who is interested in organising a fleet around Brisbane.



The Italian fleet, organised by veteran windsurfing journalist Pietro Porcella, has been recently resuscitated and is now very active - check it out at http://windsurferclass.com/


Ted Schweitzer, son of the co-inventor of the sport, is promoting the Original Windsurfer One Design in the USA.  Class activity is centred around the annual Dino Regatta in Texas.  For more information, check out Ted's website at http://www.originalwindsurfer.com/site/index.html and his blog at http://originalwindsurfer.blogspot.com/