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2012 Aussie Nationals Notice of Race



26 to 29 January 2012

Soldiers Point, NSW


The Organising Authority is the Windsurfer One Design Class Association of
Australia, on behalf of Windsurfing NSW Inc and the Australian Windsurfing
Association Inc; and Corlette Point Sailing Squadron.

1.1    The regatta site is the All Seasons Salamander Shores Hotel, 147 Soldiers Point Road, Soldiers Point, Port Stephens, and associated area. Launching will be from the adjacent area off Seaview Crescent, containing the boat ramp and Port Stephens Sailing and Aquatic Club. For further information see http://www.salamander-shores.com/location.html

1.2    For general information on the Port Stephens area, see  the Tourism Port Stephens site at http://www.portstephens.org.au/


The Championships will be governed by the rules as defined in the Racing Rules
of Sailing 2009 – 2012, except where these are changed by this Notice of Race
(NOR) or by the Sailing Instructions (SIs).


3.1 This championship is open to competitors using Windsurfer One Design
sailboards and equipment complying with class rules, as varied by these Sailing

3.2 Windsurfer "Classics" (i.e. original design Windsurfer boards equipped with
daggerboards and short-batten sails) are welcome to race. Subject to entry
numbers, there may be a separate division in the Pentathlon scoring for Classic

3.3 The Junior One Nationals will be sailed in conjunction with the overall regatta, on separate courses. The Junior One Nationals is for sailors under 16 years, using sails of 4.5m or less on standard One Design or Classic Windsurfers or other boards as approved by the Race Committee.


4.1 All intending competitors are requested to complete the on-line Entry Form
at www.web55.com/windsurf, between 20 November 2011 and Tuesday 10 January 2012 at 17:00 hrs. Payment details are explained at www.web55.com/windsurf.

The registration process shall be completed in person by competitors signing a
printed copy of the Entry Form and having their weight recorded, at the venue at
the following times:

Thursday 26 January 2012 between 0900 and 1100 hours; or
Friday 27 January 2012 between 0830 and 0900 hrs.

4.2 Late entries may be accepted at the discretion of the race committee. Please
note that such entries are unlikely to be accepted less than two hours before a
racing session commences.

4.3 The entry fee for the Windsurfer One Design nationals  is $150 for payments received before 10 January 2012.  The entry fee for the Junior One nationals is $70 with discount for families. For information on payment details, contact cthom249@tpg.com.au.

4.4 The fee for entries paid for after 10 January 2012 will be $170.00 for the Windsurfer One Design nationals and $80 for the Junior One Designs.

Competition will be conducted in course racing, slalom, freestyle, marathon, all
conducted in accordance with class rules, and will include overall pentathlon


6.1 Competition will be conducted in the following gender, weight and age

Windsurfer One Design

Men – lightweight, medium weight and heavy weight; Women; Youth.

6.2 Male competitors will be weighed at the time of registering. They will be
required to wear light clothing such as shorts and shirt. The race committee may
use any means they deem suitable to ascertain whether competitors are
artificially adjusting their weight.

6.3 Male competitors will be allocated to divisions of light-, medium- and
heavy- weight. Competitors weighing less than 75 kg shall race in the
Lightweight division. Competitors weighing 75 to  85 kg will race in the
Mediumweight division. Competitors weighing 85kg and over shall race in the
Heavyweight division.

6.4 Male competitors shall compete in their allocated weight division. Male
competitors may be re-weighed at any time before the commencement of any racing
session at the race committee's discretion. A sailor whose weight at re-weighing varies by more than 2.0 kg from that recorded during their official weigh-in, and who no longer conforms to the requirements of their allocated division, may have their weight division re-allocated by the race committee, according to the requirements of 6.3, for events in which all the male competitors compete in the same race. Such competitors may not be scored in the Slalom event if it has been completed before the re-weighing. Re-weighing will be conducted using the same set of scales used during registration.

6.5 Pentathlon scoring will be conducted in the following age divisions:

6.6 Men - Overall
Junior* - not turned 16 as at 26/1/12
Youth* - 17-18 years
Master - 40-45 years " "
Grand Master - >45-55 years " "
Ancient Mariner - Over 55

Women- Overall
Junior* Not turned 16
Youth*- not turned 18
Master*- 40 years and over

* subject to sufficient numbers. Men and Women may sail together in Junior and
Youth categories if numbers are insufficient to create separate categories

6.7 Junior and Youth competitors may use an approved smaller sail, subject to a
scoring penalty, outlined in the SIs.

Silver Fleet

6.8 If there are five or more suitable entries, a "Silver Fleet" will be run for
less experienced sailors. Entry into Silver Fleet is at the race committee's
discretion, but generally is restricted to sailors who have not recently raced a
major windsurfer championships, have not finished in the top 75% of a national
or state windsurfer title, and have not previously won a Silver Fleet national
or state title.

6.9 Silver Fleet competitors will start with the main fleet. However, in
unfavourable weather conditions the Silver Fleet scoring may be taken at the
finish of the first segment (normally, one triangle) of the full course. Silver
Fleet sailors who complete only the first segment of the course will also be
scored in the overall fleet;, however,  for the purposes of scoring in the overall
fleet, they will be allocated points higher than the last sailor who completes
the full course.

6.10 Silver Fleet sailors may choose to complete the full course but their
attention is drawn to the fact that they may not complete within the time limit
and the next race will not be delayed for Silver Fleet sailors who choose to
sail the full course.

6.11 Silver Fleet sailors may choose to use an approved smaller sail, subject to
a scoring penalty, as outlined in the SIs.

Junior One Design

6.12 Subject to entries and race committee’s discretion, Junior One Design will be sailed in the following categories; Junior (under 16) and Sub-Junior (13 and under).


The competition schedule will be in accordance with the following as well as
notices to competitors. The Championships is an `On Call' Regatta.

Day Date Activity Time

Thursday 26/1/10 Registration 09.00 – 11.00 hours
Thursday 26/1/10 Freestyle/slalom commences 11.00 - 12.00
Friday 27/1/10 Competition commences 10.00am
Saturday 28/1/10 Competition commences 10.00am
Sunday 29/1/10 Competition commences 10.00am
Sunday 29/1/10 Presentation TBA pm

No discipline will be started after 1630hours on Sunday 29/1/10.

NB: Details of social events will be advised in a separate social events notice.


8.1 It is the responsibility of each competitor to ensure that their equipment
conforms to the current class rules, according to rule 78 and B2.2.
8.2 Downhaul systems that can be adjusted whilst sailing without the need for
the sail to be in the water shall not be used.

8.3 Outhaul systems that can be adjusted whilst sailing without the need for the
sail to be in the water shall not be used.

8.4 The PRO shall have the sole power to determine whether equipment may breach
clauses 8.2 and 8.3 and any relevant penalties.

8.5 Sail numbers that are readily visible shall be used at all times, except in
the freestyle event. Competitors are strongly requested to use official AWA sail
numbers, which are allocated free of charge to all members of the WODCAA. Please
consult the list of sail numbers on the AWA website to select an available
number and then email your selected number to 
Priority regarding the use of clashing numbers shall always be given to the
sailor possessing an official AWA number.

8.6 The race committee is under no obligation to give redress for any incident
caused by lack of sail numbers of the official AWA type, size and description.


Sailing instructions will be issued at the time of registering on 26/1/10.


Competition will be conducted on the waters of Port Stephens, Australia


11.1 The Courses to be sailed will be described in the sailing instructions. The
standard course racing layout will be one triangle, followed by one
windward/return. This may be varied in heavy weather. Competitors will be
informed of any such alteration before the relevant racing session commences.

11.2  If strong winds may make it difficult for many competitors to finish the full course, a “Grand Prix” finish system may be used  at the discretion of the race committee.  If this option is selected, after the first finisher completes the full course a flag will be flown from the race committee. All competitors that cross the finish line within 20 minutes after the first finisher will be deemed to be finished, irrespective of the number of laps they have completed. Competitors who have only finished one lap will be ranked behind boats that have completed two laps.  Board failing to cross the finish line within 20 minutes of the first competitor to finish the full course will be scored DNF.

11.3 The standard slalom layout shall consist of a P-shaped course for the first
lap, followed by an M-shape course for the final lap. Competitors will be
informed of any alteration before the relevant racing session commences.

11.4 The marathon course will be described at a briefing before the event


12.1 The Low Point System, Appendix A shall apply for course racing and

12.2 Slalom, freestyle and pentathlon will be scored in accordance with class
rules. For the pentathlon scoring, competitor ties in the slalom and freestyle
will be scored in accordance with rule A7.


Trophies will be awarded to the first, second and third placed competitor in the
pentathlon results for the mens and womens fleets, and for each competition
discipline as relevant. Prizes for age and other divisions are at the discretion
of the race committee.


With the exception of when competing in the slalom and freestyle disciplines,
all competitors shall wear personal flotation devices which are in good
condition and are in accordance with the specifications issued or approved by a
national authority or as approved by the Organising Authority (changes rules
27.1 and 40.1.) Attention is drawn to rule 1.2.


It is the competitor's sole decision to enter this Championship and to start and
or to continue to compete. By way of entering, competitors acknowledge that
their participation in this Championship can be dangerous and shall accept that
their participation is at their exclusive risk in every respect. They shall hold
harmless the Organising Authority, its officers, members, servants and agents
and all other competitors in respect of all liability for any injury to their
person and or loss or damage to their property howsoever arising from their
participation or intended participation in this Championship and acknowledge
that the Organising Authority, its officers, members, servants, agents and other
competitors accept no responsibility in respect of loss of life, personal injury
or loss or damage to property which may result by reason of a competitor's
participation or intended participation in this Championship or arising for
whatever reason in connection with this Championship. Attention is drawn to rule


16.1 Every competitor shall have public liability insurance considered
appropriate by the Organising Authority for not less than $10m for any one

16.2 Every competitor who signs the Entry Form and enters is deemed to have made
a decision that they have such insurance. Competitors found not to have such
insurance shall have their entry revoked.

16.3 Insurance can be obtained by joining an Australian Windsurfing Association affiliated club or the Windsurfer One Design Class Association of Australia. Membership of the WODCAA will be
available at registration for $20 (one regatta) or $40 (full year).


1.3    17.1 The regatta site at Soldiers Point is approximately 2.5 hours drive north from Sydney.

Newcastle Williamtown Airport is serviced by Jetstar and Virgin and is

located some 25 minutes drive from PSSAC.


A variety of caravan and camping grounds, B&BS and houses are in the area.

The Salamander Shores motel is adjacent to the regatta site and is providing discount rates for competitors who are attending the regatta.  Go to the website at http://www.salamander-shores.com/  and use promotional code “sail’.

For other accommodation, see Winning Holidays or www.holidaysportstephens.com.au

The "Big 4 Soldiers Point Holiday Park" (www.big4soldierspoint.com.au 02-4982
7300) is adjacent to the Salamander Shores.

The council-owned Soldiers Point Holiday Park (www.beachsideholidays.com.au 1800
600 204) is located within 2 minutes drive, 15 minutes waterfront walk, or a few
minutes sailing.

Other nearby centres include Anna Bay/One Mile Beach area, 13 minutes from the
regatta site by car and nestled between the beautiful Birubi and One Mile surf
beaches. Accomodation around Anna Bay/One Mile Beach includes;

The Retreat Port Stephens; appears to have good rates on group accommodation
(cabins, duplex, bungalows etc) and details are available at
www/portstephens.org.au/accom_rates.asp?Code=1662 or 02-4982 1244.

Melaleuca Surfside Backpackers (www.meleleucabackpackers.com.au or 02- 4981
9422) offers clean and laid-back dorms and cabins in a bushy setting.
Unfortunately, the campsites are all booked to a school group.

Wanderers Retreat (http://www.wanderersretreat.com, 02-4982 1702) offers more
upmarket accommodation.


For further information please contact:

Chris Thompson 0405 160 125 or windsurferod@windsurfing.org

The Windsurfer One Design class is sponsored by Namotu Island Resort, Fiji

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