Friday, January 28, 2011

Deb's Nationals Report, day 3: Australia Day

Today dawned cloudy with some early-morning drizzle, and very little wind. The schedule was quite tight, with the marathon scheduled to start at midday in front of the crowds, so freestyle was held at 9 am, with the top sailors starting first, rather to the alarm of Robbie Treharne who only woke up at 9. Chris dragged me out of bed at 7am and was down at the club by 8, anxiously tuning the board and practising his tricks. The decision to hold the top performers’ freestyle heats in such light winds was somewhat controversial, but Dennis Winstanley was a standout performer as usual, in spite of the early hour, with his usual Everoll. He even managed to pull off a pirouette on the rail, and then had to do another to achieve the aim of falling off for his dismount! But the most amazing trick of the day had to be Robbbie Treharne’s back somersault through the boom, which he managed to complete by landing on the board without dropping the sail. So much for waking up 15 minutes before hitting the water. Stay tuned for a freestyle montage on YouTube, as soon as I get some bandwidth and someone to do the editing. 

Freestyle heats were not complete by 11am, when the marathon briefing was due, so some competitors faced disappointment at the postponement. By this time, though, the crowds were building up, promising a big audience for the spectacular Le Mans marathon start. If you haven’t seen one of these, it’s a sight not to be missed, so check out my YouTube video when it uploads. The shallow water and crowded beach proved challenging for some competitors, but luckily in a marathon there’s plenty of time to catch up.

The course this year featured a long and gruelling two laps of the bay, round South Channel marker and in to Rye Pier, past Blairgowie, back to Sorrento and round again. Even one lap for the youth competitors was challenging. The wind was light for most of the race, with strong tides in some areas leading to a very spaced-out fleet. The race was very much a lightweights’ race, with 8 out of the top 10 sailors being lightweights or women. Annalise Gilbert again stood out, overtaking her father Stewie (I have photographic evidence) to place 12th overall - a fantastic effort. Sheena McKinnon also showed great form to finish ahead of her at 7th position overall, with Tonia Lloyd in third place. Among the juniors, first round was Annalise Gilbert, followed by Chris Stenta and Angus Williams; in the youth, Matt Ivshenko placed first (second overall in the entire fleet), followed by Sam Treharne (6th overall) and Ashley Heyworth (15th overall). Full results below.

Plans for more freestyle heats in the afternoon had to be shelved, with the last competitor only arriving at the finish at 4pm, to great cheers and accolades. Well done to Jeremy Trotman for making it round in such tough conditions, in his first ever Windsurfer regatta.

I was lucky enough to be invited out on a friend's yacht, and so managed to get some good photos of mark roundings etc. Check them out at this link to Picasa.

Marathon results:

Rob Treharne 777 Open Male 1
Michael Lancey AUS171 Open Male 2
Matthew Ivshenko 117 Youth Male 3
Martin Stone 164 Master Male 4
Paul Ivshenko 17 Ancient Mariner Male 5
Samuel Treharne 1177 Youth Male 6
Sheena McKinnon 600 Open Female 7
Jason Morris 320 Master Male 8
Steve Newman 1977 Ancient Mariner Male 9
Dennis Winstanley 18 Master Male 10
Annalise Gilbert 111 Junior Female 11
Andrew Divola AUS968 Grand Master Male 12
Darren Garner AUS 96 Master Male 13
Stuart Gilbert 10 Grand Master Male 14
Ashely Heyworth AUS960 Youth Male 15
Mark Lloyd AUS 476 Grand Master Male 16
Matthew Stenta 1336 Youth Male 17
Greg Johns 1 Grand Master Male 18
Stephen Walsh 40 Grand Master Male 19
Stephen Barton 520 Grand Master Male 20
Warren Holder 1KT Ancient Mariner Male 21
Christopher Thompson 249 Grand Master Male 22
Daniel Bainbridge 7 Grand Master Male 23
Timothy Forster 108 Ancient Mariner Male 24
Robert Stenta 2776 Grand Master Male 25
Gerald Nailon 27 Grand Master Male 26
Jim Kariotis 33 Ancient Mariner Male 27
Jorn Krohnke AUS60 Ancient Mariner Male 28
Tonia Grimshaw-Lloyd 303 Grand Master Female 29
Paul Grimshaw 307 Grand Master Male 30
Jeremy Trotman 1218 Grand Master Male 31
Nick Bez 11 Master Male DNF
Quentin Grimshaw Q9 Master Male DNF
Sheena McKinnon 600 Open Female 7
Annalise Gilbert 111 Junior Female 11
Tonia Grimshaw-Lloyd 303 Grand Master Female 30
Matthew Ivshenko 117 Youth Male 3
Samuel Treharne 1177 Youth Male 6
Ashely Heyworth AUS960 Youth Male 15
Matthew Stenta 1336 Youth Male 17
Jack Lloyd 229 Junior Male 1 LAP
Annalise Gilbert 111 Junior Female 1
Christopher Stenta 1397 Junior Male 2
Angus Williams 789 Junior Male 3
Nina Long 73 Junior Female 4
Owen Long 02 Junior Male 5
Lucy Heyworth 2 Junior Female DNS
Will Divola Sub Jnr Male DNS

A bit of help on the Le Mans start

The fleet heads out to sea

Ashley Heyworh had a great race

Annalise overtakes her dad on the run!

Robbie fights to get ahead

Marty Stone rounds the last top mark

Mark roundings were pretty close!
 For more photos, check out the link at Picasa Web Albums

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  1. Looks like another great event! So wish I was sailing with you all. Welldone everyone and happy boardsailing. I am very jealous!